Mysterious & Haunted Places in Varanasi

haunted places in varanasi

Varanasi, the ancient holy city in India, is renowned for its ghats, temples, and spiritual significance. But few travelers know that Varanasi has a mysterious and haunted side waiting to be explored. Let’s uncover some of the most intriguing and spine-chilling places that give Varanasi its supernatural allure.

Explore the Mysteries and Haunts of Varanasi

1. The Rajghat Bridge

The relatively nondescript Rajghat Bridge has a terrifying reputation as one of the most haunted places in Varanasi. Locals believe the vengeful spirit of a woman who died an untimely death haunts the bridge. According to legend, she fell into the river and drowned while crossing the bridge at night. Since then, her restless spirit attacks unsuspecting passersby after dark.

Many claim to have been slapped by an invisible force or pushed towards the edge of the bridge. Some drivers avoid crossing the Rajghat Bridge at night out of fear. If you dare to walk across in the late hours, keep your wits about you for any paranormal encounters!

2. The Chet Singh Fort

Situated right next to the Godowlia Garden, the ruins of the Chet Singh Fort look innocuous in daylight. But legend has it that at night, the spirit of Raja Chet Singh emerges to guard his crumbling fort. In the 18th century, Chet Singh rose up against oppressive British rule. He was killed resisting arrest and his fort was destroyed. But his ghost still patrols the remains to dispel any trespassers according to local lore. People have claimed to see a shadowy figure stalking the area at night which suddenly vanishes into thin air. The Chet Singh Fort remains a chilling spot that fills Varanasi’s dark nights with mystery.

3. The Manikarnika Ghat

The banks of the Ganges host numerous ghats where Hindus cremate their dead as part of traditional funeral rites. Of all the cremation ghats, the Manikarnika Ghat is considered the most sacred – and haunted. Countless funeral pyres burn here every day amidst bathing pilgrims and ritual acts. Locals believe this potent intersection of life and death allows spirits to cross over into the material world.

They recount witnessing ghostly faces floating on the river and hearing cries of spirits at night. The Manikarnika Ghat certainly emanates an eerie vibe, especially after dark when flickering flames light up the burial grounds. Visit if you dare to glimpse the supernatural realm.

4. Post-Mortem House at Banaras Hindu University

Inside Banaras Hindu University lies an inconspicuous building that is shrouded in ghost stories – the Post-Mortem House. As a former morgue, many tormented souls are believed to linger within its walls. University students swap chilling tales of objects mysteriously flying across rooms and scary encounters in the dissection room. Some recall seeing the apparition of an old helper who died in the building.

Screams are also said to echo from the autopsy room in the dead of the night. For a truly bone-chilling experience, gather your courage to visit the abandoned Post-Mortem House after dark.

5. Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital

In a shocking true story, the old Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital earned notoriety for paranormal occurrences. Patients reported seeing the apparition of a nurse wandering the halls late at night. But upon inquiry, the staff informed them no nurse was on duty at that hour. The hospital also experienced unexplained malfunctions and accidents.

After several years of disturbances, a priest was brought in to exorcise the spirit. Eventually, the hospital relocated to a new building. Some claim the ghostly nurse still haunts the deserted hospital ruins, continuing her rounds for eternity.


Beyond ghosts and apparitions, Varanasi has no shortage of mysterious places that seem to defy worldly explanation. Exploring the paranormal side of this ancient city provides a thrilling lens into India’s mystical heritage. But be sure to keep your skepticism and courage as you wander among the shadows of Varanasi’s supernatural locations.

FAQs Related to Haunted Places in Varanasi

Are there any other haunted places in Varanasi that are not as well-known?
Some other lesser-known haunted places in Varanasi include the abandoned houseboats on the Ganges, Scindia Ghat, and the ruins near Kedar Ghat.

Are there any festivals or events in Varanasi related to ghosts or the paranormal?
There are no specific festivals related to ghosts in Varanasi. However, Kali Puja sometimes performed at night near cremation ghats is considered spooky.

What are some other spooky or mysterious aspects of Varanasi’s history and culture?
Varanasi’s history contains many mysteries like secret tunnels, ancient undiscovered ruins, and a rich tantric culture, adding to its paranormal allure.

Are there any movies, books, or other media inspired by the haunted places of Varanasi?
Some movies like Purana Mandir and Bullet Raja have been filmed referencing the mysticism of Varanasi. Books like In the Lost City of Ghosts also portray its hauntings.

Where can I find more information about the haunted places of Varanasi?
More information can be found in travel blogs, paranormal forums, or local guides specializing in the haunted aspects of Varanasi.

Have there been any documented paranormal experiences at these haunted places?
Locals and visitors have shared documented first-hand accounts of paranormal encounters like unexplained noises, apparitions, and possessions.

What are some common things people report seeing or feeling at these locations?
Reported experiences include hearing cries near cremation ghats, seeing shadow figures, feeling unseen presences, and having objects move mysteriously.

Are there any local residents or experts who can share their insights on these hauntings?
Resident pandits and older locals often share insight into the stories and origins of famous Varanasi hauntings.

What is the general attitude of people in Varanasi towards these haunted places?
Most locals acknowledge the paranormal elements associated with Varanasi matter-of-factly as part of its ancient, spiritual fabric.

Are there any precautions visitors should take when exploring these locations?
Recommended precautions include not going alone at night, avoiding provoking spirits, and maintaining respectful behavior.

What is the history of Chet Singh Fort and why is it said to be haunted?
Chet Singh Fort is linked to the haunting because Chet Singh reportedly died violently defending it from the British.

What rituals or ceremonies are performed at Manikarnika Ghat, and are they related to the hauntings?
The rituals conducted at Manikarnika Ghat honor the dead and some believe they enable spirits to cross over, contributing to the hauntings.

Why is Rajghat Bridge called the “Ghost Bridge”?
Rajghat Bridge is nicknamed “Ghost Bridge” due to the legendary vengeful female spirit said to attack people here.

What happened at Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital that led to it being abandoned and supposedly haunted?
Unexpected deaths and possession at the old hospital contributed to stories of its haunting that led to its abandonment.

What is the purpose of the BHU Post-Mortem House and what are the stories about its hauntings?
The BHU Post-Mortem House’s association with death led to tales of spirits remaining from dissections done there.

What are the most famous haunted places in Varanasi?
The most famous include Manikarnika Ghat, Rajghat Bridge, Chet Singh Fort, and Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital.

What are the legends or stories associated with these haunted places?
Legends range from tormented souls to protective spirits to dark tantric forces manifesting as ghosts.

Are there any ghost tours available in Varanasi?
Yes, some tour operators offer guided ghost walks and paranormal investigations tailored to the famous haunts.

Is it safe to visit these haunted places?
Reasonable safety precautions are recommended when visiting haunted locations here like elsewhere.

Are there any cultural or religious sensitivities to consider when visiting these places?
Be respectful as some places have religious significance, not just paranormal associations.

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