11 Tips on How to Choose Bridal Jewellery For Your Wedding

How to Choose Bridal Jewellery

Your wedding day marks the first page in a glorious new chapter. As all eyes turn to the bride, the bridal jewellery plays a starring role in completing your wedding day vision. From passing down heirlooms to selecting that perfect diamond set, choosing those special pieces can feel daunting.

But have no fear, lovely brides-to-be! This guide delves into the 11 most important things to keep in mind before you embark on your jewellery shopping spree. Follow these tips and you’ll be shining brighter than all the diamonds in the bridal boutique!

Tips on How to Choose Bridal Jewellery

1. Define Your Budget

Bridal bling can come with quite the price tag, so defining your budget is crucial before falling head over heels for any sparkly temptations. Be realistic based on factors like your overall wedding expenses and savings. Remember – better to invest in one exquisite heirloom piece rather than an elaborate set that stretches your finances. Quality over quantity is the mantra when it comes to bridal jewellery!

2. Know Your Style Identity

Part of choosing those perfect pieces involves some soul searching. Identify your personal style by browsing bridal magazines and Pinterest boards. Are you a fan of vintage glam with an art deco ring and delicate tennis bracelet? Or more of a modern minimalist with a sleek diamond choker necklace? By understanding your style personality, you’ll narrow your focus and find jewels with timeless appeal.

3. Coordinate with Your Wedding Outfit

You can’t talk bridal bling without discussing the dress! Meet with your designer so you understand the outfit’s formality, neckline, embroidery and other elements. An ornate gown might call for understated jewellery to let the dress shine, while a simple silhouette can handle a show-stopping statement necklace. Make sure your jewels complement rather than compete with your look.

4. Select Your Metal

One of the biggest decisions is choosing rose gold, white gold, platinum or traditional yellow gold. Consider your skin tone and wedding colour scheme. Fair complexions tend to suit white metals best, while gold flatters warmer skin tones. If struggling to decide between white and yellow metals, opt for a modern mixed metal look! Just ensure your metal plays well with your engagement ring.

5. Add Colour with Gemstones

Diamonds are a classic for a reason, but don’t shy away from coloured gemstones! Sapphires, emeralds and rubies add a gorgeous pop of colour and tie beautifully into your wedding palette. Or take the unique route with alternative stones like morganite, tourmaline or topaz set in rose gold. Mix multiple colours and shapes for eclectic styling, or opt for a matching gemstone parure set for a coordinated impact.

6. Focus on Comfort

You’ll be celebrating all day and night, so opt for lightweight, easy-to-wear bridal jewellery. Delicate chains won’t weigh you down, while flexible bangles and bracelets move with you on the dance floor! Have earrings shortened if they feel uncomfortable. This is one day when being a comfort queen beats playing the dazzling diva!

7. Incorporate Heirloom Pieces

Adding a sentimental touch with heirloom jewellery brings a unique story to your look. Whether it’s your mother’s pearl earrings or grandmother’s Art Deco ring, these pieces symbolize the generations before you. Don’t be afraid to reset stones or redesign dated pieces– good jewellers can help revive heirlooms into modern keepsakes.

8. Research Diligently

Study designer collections online and scour Instagram for inspiration before visiting stores. This gives you a solid idea of what you love to help guide your search. Shortlist reputable local jewelers known for bridal collections. Read reviews, check certifications, and ask for referrals from other brides. Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially when buying antique or second-hand pieces!

9. Assess Craftsmanship Carefully

While that dazzling choker might make your heart skip a beat, don’t get blinded by sparkle. Examine jewellery carefully for marks, scratches or loose gem settings which signal inferior quality. Opt for reputable brands and ask for product certifications. Well-crafted pieces should come with assurance of materials and craftsmanship to become true heirlooms.

10. Go with Your Gut Feeling

With so many options, confusion often clouds decision making. If something doesn’t instantly WOW you, listen to your instincts and move along. You’ll KNOW when you see “the one” – that necklace or earring set that speaks to your style and soul. Don’t overthink it and trust how each piece makes you feel as you mix and match. Mother knows best here!

11. Consider Multi-wear Options

While your wedding takes center stage, that exquisite jewellery investment should seamlessly style with your wardrobe long after. Seek versatile statement pieces featuring removable elements like pendants or bracelet charms. Opt for classic hoops, studs and tennis bracelets easily dressed both up and down. This ensures greatest cost-per wear value from your bridal jewellery.

12. Secure the Bling

Remember to insure those precious gems and metals! Add them onto your home insurance or invest in dedicated coverage so you can relax knowing your jewels are protected in case of unexpected incidents. Insurance gives you peace of mind to focus on feeling like the diamond-drenched princess you are!

Take a breath, gorgeous brides. By keeping these 11 tips at heart and in your notes app, you’re sure to uncover sensational bridal jewels to complement your style. Stay true to your personal aesthetic, focus on quality over quantity, and let those stunning heirlooms and sparklers reflect the inner light shining from within.

Now put your phone down, stop endlessly scrolling Pinterest, and go dazzle the world! These are pieces you’ll treasure forever as you relive your gorgeous wedding day through precious gems glinting back at you. Your love story deserves nothing less.

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