10 Best Unisex Spa in Varanasi Must Visit This Year

Unisex Spa in Varanasi

While Varanasi attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over seeking its religious and cultural charms, the city also boasts some excellent spas and wellness centers worth exploring. A rejuvenating spa session can be the perfect way to unwind after sightseeing in this vibrant, chaotic city. In this blog, we round up the top unisex spas in Varanasi that offer relaxing and therapeutic experiences through massages, beauty treatments and more. Read on for our picks for the best unisex spas to visit in Varanasi this year.

Best Unisex Spa in Varanasi Must Visit This Year

1. Global Spa & Salon

Global Spa & Salon provides a luxurious ambiance for a relaxing spa session with a wide selection of services. Their massages, facials, body scrubs and hair treatments will leave you feeling refreshed. Opt for their special Couple Spa Package for a rejuvenating retreat with your significant other.

  • Address: 4th Floor, IP Grand, Big Bazaar or Smart Bazaar, C.19/134-B, opp. IP SIGRA Shopping Mall, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 96950 61113
  • Google Rating: 4.6 stars (575 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM, Monday: Closed

2. Diamond Door Spa & Salon

Diamond Door Spa & Salon is renowned for its skilled therapists and personalized services. Customize your experience with specialized massages, facials for your skin type, and bridal glow packages. Their aromatic and therapeutic Aroma Therapy Massage is a favorite for deep relaxation.

  • Address: 1st Floor, Shop No.D/143, ABC Tower, near Sajan Cinema, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 63947 12252
  • Google Rating: 4.9 stars (143 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM, Monday: Closed

3. Galaxy Spa 5th floor

With 24-hour operation, Galaxy Spa offers flexibility to experience rejuvenating massages, body wraps and steam baths at your convenience. Their Detox Package helps eliminate toxins and cleanses your body for a renewed sense of energy.

  • Address: 5th Floor, VHV Tower, Office no. 504, near Sajan Cinema, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 96952 01117
  • Google Rating: 4.6 stars (58 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Saturday: 10 AM – 9 AM, Sunday: Open 24 hours, Monday: Closed

4. The Beauty Spa & Saloon

The comforting ambiance at The Beauty Spa & Saloon makes it a great spot for self-care therapies. Their massage options, facials, waxing and hairstyling services ensure complete pampering. Try their Head Massage for relief from stress and tension.

  • Address: 10-B, Shiv Puri Colony, Godaulia Crossing, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 98396 75234
  • Google Rating: 4.3 stars (35 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

5. Ocean Spa

Ocean Spa provides a budget-friendly way to experience massages, facials and body treatments in a tranquil setting. Opt for their beneficial Hot Stone Massage to melt away muscular knots and improve circulation.

  • Address: B/147, Shiv Puri Colony, Godaulia Crossing, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 97945 08490
  • Google Rating: 4.2 stars (32 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

6. Soul 11 Spa & Studio

Immerse in holistic healing traditions at Soul 11 Spa & Studio specializing in Ayurvedic treatments. Rejuvenate with herbal oil massages, steam therapy and Panchakarma detox for a completely renewed sense of wellbeing.

  • Address: 16/18, Luxa Road, Lanka, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 84709 61397
  • Google Rating: 4.8 stars (44 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

7. New Creation Spa

New Creation Spa offers excellent value for money with their range of relaxing spa therapies. Enjoy popular treatments like Swedish massages, natural ingredient facials and soothing foot massages at affordable prices. Their Couple’s Package is great for some together time.

  • Address: 109-B, Shiv Puri Colony, Godaulia Crossing, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 91920 34609
  • Google Rating: 4.7 stars (26 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

8. Miss Fine Beauty & Family Salon

Miss Fine Beauty and Family Salon provides personalized attention for all your beauty needs. Experience stress-relieving massages, skin-type specific facials and expert hair styling services. Try their Aroma Oil Therapy for the calming effects of essential oils.

  • Address: B-16/17, Shiv Puri Colony, Godaulia Crossing, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 97943 30736
  • Google Rating: 4.6 stars (18 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

9. Akash Spa & Salon

The hygienic ambiance at Akash Spa & Salon makes it ideal for rejuvenating massages, facials and body scrubs. Opt for their Deep Tissue Massage to relieve muscle tightness and improve blood flow.

  • Address: 18-A, Shiv Puri Colony, Godaulia Crossing, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 93052 25167
  • Google Rating: 4.5 stars (16 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

10. La’Aura Spa & Salon

Treat yourself to facials, waxing and hairstyling services at La’Aura Spa & Salon’s peaceful sanctuary. Indulge with their unique Chocolate Spa Therapy for sweet satisfaction.

  • Address: Near SBI ATM, Godaulia Crossing, Varanasi
  • Contact: +91 99363 04569
  • Google Rating: 4.4 stars (12 reviews)
  • Timings: Tuesday-Sunday: 10 AM – 8 PM, Monday: Closed

 Bonus Tip:

  • Call ahead to book your appointment, especially during peak hours or weekends.
  • Check for ongoing promotions and special packages.
  • Be clear about your preferences and desired level of pressure for massages.


Varanasi has plenty more to delight visitors beyond just its spiritual attractions. Take some time out during your visit to recharge at one of the city’s top wellness spas catering to men and women. With skilled therapists, luxurious ambience and bespoke services, these unisex spas offer a welcoming environment to relax tired muscles, eliminate toxins and revive the senses. So go ahead and treat yourself at these recommended spas for a truly blissful Varanasi experience.

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FAQs Related To Unisex Spa in Varanasi

What are the benefits of visiting a unisex spa in Varanasi?
Visiting a unisex spa in Varanasi allows all genders to relax and rejuvenate together. They offer treatments like massages, facials, body scrubs, and hair spa packages catering to all guests. Unisex spas provide a comfortable environment regardless of gender.

Are any specific areas or neighborhoods in Varanasi known for good unisex spas?
Many good unisex spas can be found around the Godaulia and Dashashwamedh Ghat areas in central Varanasi. Hotels with spa facilities like Radisson Hotel and Rivatas Hotel are also excellent options.

What types of treatments are typically offered at unisex spas in Varanasi?
Common treatments include massages like Swedish, deep tissue and aromatherapy, facials, body polishes, Ayurvedic therapies, and specialized hair spa rituals with conditioning and scalp massages. Packages for couples are also available.

Do unisex spas cater to specific needs or preferences?
Yes, many spas offer customized Ayurvedic treatment plans. Some specialize in therapeutic massages for pain relief or relaxation. Couples can enjoy packages with side-by-side massages and spa therapies in the same room.

What is the typical price range for hair spa treatments?
Hair spa treatments at most unisex spas fall in the ₹1000 to ₹3500 price range depending on the rituals selected. Basic conditioning treatments start around ₹1500 while intensive rituals with massages, masks and oils cost upwards of ₹3000.

Do any unisex spas offer deals or packages?
Yes, many spas offer membership packages with services at discounted rates. Some also have promotional offers around festive seasons and introductory deals for first-time visitors that include spa therapies.

Is booking an appointment in advance necessary?
Advance booking is highly recommended as unisex spas tend to fill up quickly, especially over weekends. Walk-ins may be accommodated based on availability.

Are there any 24/7 unisex spas in Varanasi?
Most spas have opening hours from 9am-9pm. However, some high-end hotels like the Gateway Hotel Ganges and Meraden Grand offer round-the-clock spa access to guests.

Do spas have any specific dress codes or amenities?
Unisex spas provide robes, slippers and towels. Guests are required to wear swimsuits or disposable undergarments during some treatments. Following spa etiquette by avoiding loud noises is appreciated.

Can you recommend any reputable unisex spas in Varanasi?
Some top-rated unisex spas in Varanasi are Nirvana Spa, Ananda Spa at Rivatas Hotel, Jiva Spa at Brijrama Palace and Tattva Spa at Meraden Grand Hotel. Guests praise their serene ambience and excellent therapy quality.

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