3 Best Gujarati Dharamshala in Varanasi

Best Gujarati Dharamshala in Varanasi

For Gujarati pilgrims visiting the ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple and river Ghats, finding a good dharamshala or pilgrim accommodation is key to a comfortable stay. In this blog, we explore the top Gujarati-run dharamshalas and bhojanshalas in Varanasi preferred by Gujarati devotees based on traveler reviews, location, and amenities provided. Whether you’re looking for luxury stays or budget pilgrim lodges, we guide you to the best dharamshala options for a truly divine experience in the City of Light.

3 Best Gujarati Dharamshala in Varanasi

1. Kaival Gyan Mandir Gujarati Dharamshala

The Jain Dharamshala & Bhojanshala tops my list for its excellent facilities tailored specifically for Jain pilgrims. Located close to major temples like Kashi Vishwanath, it offers well-maintained accommodation with modern amenities. With in-house Jain food available, you can follow your dietary restrictions. It has an overall rating of 4.2/5, with praise for its clean, peaceful ambience.

  • Address: 80, Kamachha Rd, Jawahar Nagar Colony, Bhelupur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India
  • Phone: 9369275408
  • Rating: 4.2/5 based on 372
  • Website: www.jaindharmashala.com

2. Golghar Gujarati Dharamshala

The Golghar Gujarati Dharamshala caters specifically to Gujarati pilgrims right beside the Ganga ghats. Though compact, it provides essential amenities like cots, mattresses, drinking water etc. at affordable prices. Its proximity to the iconic Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Dasaswamedh Ghat makes it a convenient choice. With a 3.9/5 rating, visitors recommend it for no-frills accommodation.

  • Address: 8287+RRM, Golghar, Maidagin Xing, K – 33/1, Ghasi Tola, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001, India
  • Phone: N/A
  • Rating: 3.9/5 based on 37
  • Website: N/A

3. Shri Revabai Bhaishankar Hindu Gujrati Dharamshala

Managed by a Gujarati Hindu trust, this dharamshala offers simple lodging for Gujarati pilgrims. Though it lacks fancy facilities, the basics like mattresses, blankets and drinking water are well taken care of. Located close to the Ganga, it has easy access to all major ghats and temples. With a 3.6/5 rating, it’s appreciated for its affordable prices and friendly staff.

  • Address: Maidagin Xing, Town Hall, Bisweshwarganj, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001, India
  • Phone: N/A
  • Rating: 3.6/5 based on 47
  • Website: N/A

Varanasi has plenty of dharamshala options but the ones mentioned here are comfortable, affordable and tailored specifically for Gujarati pilgrims. With easy access to the iconic Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Dasaswamedh Ghats, modern amenities, and Gujarati meals – these dharamshalas ensure you feel at home while absorbing Varanasi’s spiritual vibes. We hope this list helps you pick the right stay for a smooth darshan trip. Don’t forget to book your stay well in advance during peak seasons!

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FAQs Related To Gujarati Dharamshala Varanasi

How many Gujarati Dharamshalas are there in Varanasi?
While the exact number fluctuates, at least 3 prominent Gujarati Dharamshalas are in Varanasi.

Where are the best Gujarati Dharamshalas in Varanasi located?

  • Jain Dharamshala & Bhojanshala: Near Kamachha Rd, Bhelupur (high rating, central location)
  • Golghar Gujarati Dharamshala: In Maidagin Xing area (affordable, good facilities)
  • Shri Revabai Bhaishankar Hindu Gujarati Dharmshala: Opposite Town Hall, Bisweshwarganj (convenient location, older building)

What kind of accommodation do Gujarati Dharamshalas provide?
Options vary but typically include rooms (AC/non-AC) and dorms. Some offer family quarters.

Do Gujarati Dharamshalas offer Bhojanshala?
Most Gujarati Dharamshalas offer Bhojanshala (meal service) with Gujarati vegetarian fare.

Are there any restrictions on who can stay at a Gujarati Dharamshala?
Some Dharamshalas prioritize Gujarati pilgrims but are usually open to all.

Do I need to book in advance to stay at a Gujarati Dharamshala?
Booking beforehand is recommended, especially during peak seasons.

What is the average cost of staying at a Gujarati Dharamshala in Varanasi?
Average per night ranges from ₹200-500 for dorms to ₹500-1000+ for rooms, depending on Dharamshala and amenities.

Do you offer discounts for long stays or senior citizens?
Some Dharamshalas offer discounts for longer stays or senior citizens. Contact them directly for details.

What are the payment methods accepted for booking?
Cash is typically preferred, but some may accept online payments or bank transfers.

Do you have hot water available?
Generally available, though confirm with the specific Dharamshala.

Is there Wi-Fi available at the Dharamshala?
Availability varies, check with the chosen Dharamshala.

Is the Dharamshala located near major attractions or the ghats?
Some are near major attractions and ghats, while others are more central. Choose based on your preference.

Do you have luggage storage facilities?
Most offer secure luggage storage facilities.

Is there laundry service available?
Some Dharamshalas offer laundry service, inquire beforehand.

What kind of meals are served at the Bhojanshala?
Typically simple Gujarati vegetarian meals with options like dal, subzi, rice, and chapatis.

What are the timings for Bhojanshala?
Usually breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings are posted within the Dharamshala.

Can I order meals in advance if I have dietary restrictions?
Inform the Bhojanshala staff about any dietary restrictions in advance. They may be able to accommodate you.

Is drinking water provided or should I bring my own?
Most provide drinking water, but confirm and consider carrying your own bottle for convenience.

Are there any festivals or special events celebrated at the Dharamshala?
Some Dharamshalas may celebrate Gujarati festivals or host cultural events. Inquire upon arrival.

Do you have a doctor or medical facilities on site?
No on-site doctors are typical, but hospitals are readily available in Varanasi.

Are there any transportation options available to get to the Dharamshala?
Taxis and rickshaws are readily available near most Dharamshalas.

Can you recommend any nearby Gujarati restaurants or shops?
Shree Laxmi Gujarati Bhojanalay and Gujarat Bhavan are popular options.

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