Top 10 Full Body Massage Centres in Varanasi

massage centres in varanasi

Varanasi is not just a pilgrimage site but also a haven for relaxation with some of the country’s top-rated spas and massage centers. This ancient city has an age-old tradition of holistic healing, rejuvenation therapies, Ayurvedic treatments and wellness experiences crafted to detoxify your body, calm your mind and uplift your soul.

From traditional Panchakarma rituals to modern deep tissue massages – there is something for everyone when it comes to the body massage centres in Varanasi. This blog post explores the 10 most luxurious and therapeutic spa massage centres in Varanasi acclaimed for their healing touch and tranquil ambience. So read on to pick your perfect retreat!

10 Best Full Body Massage Centres in Varanasi

1. Galaxy Spa

Perched on the 5th floor of Galaxy Hotel, Galaxy Spa is undoubtedly one of the best massage centres in Varanasi. Their specially designed treatment rooms, welcoming staff and stellar hospitality make visitors feel utterly relaxed and recharged. Their signature massages include Thai, Swedish, Balinese, aromatherapy along with traditional Ayurvedic techniques like warm herbal oil massages. They also offer comprehensive Panchakarma programs for detoxification.

Name Galaxy Spa 5th floor-Spa in Varanasi
Address Office no. 504, 5th Floor, VHV Tower, near Sajan Cinema, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India
Contact No. 97945 03400
Rating 4.6
Cost ₹500 – ₹1500
Amenities Steam room, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Showers, Lockers

2. Happy Massage Center for Home Services

Happy Massage Center strives to bring 5-star luxury spa experiences right to your hotel or home in Varanasi. Their team of professional and experienced female therapists specialize in aroma, hot stone, deep tissue and four hand massage techniques to melt away tension. As one of the premium female to male body massage centres in Varanasi, Happy Massage Center guarantees a pampering experience that too without stepping out!

Name Happy massage center for home services
Address DLW Rd, Manduwadih, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221109, India
Contact No. 99192 72472
Rating 4.8
Cost ₹300 – ₹1000
Amenities Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage

3. Global Spa & Salon

Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Chetganj, Global Spa & Salon spells luxury, opulence and comfort. You are welcomed by soft music, elegant décor and the smile of courteous staff. Global Spa specializes in exotic wellness therapies like wine baths, chocolate body wraps, infrared and steam rooms for that much needed tranquility. Their range of massages includes Balinese, sports and mother-to-be massages too making it one relaxing massage centre Varanasi has to offer!

Name Global Spa & Salon
4th Floor, IP GRAND, Big Bazaar or Smart Bazaar, C.19/134-B, opp. IP SIGRA Shopping Mall, Naipokhari, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India
Contact No. 99190 01324
Rating 4.5
Cost ₹250 – ₹800
Amenities Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage

4. Diamond Door Spa & Salon

Diamond Spa does really sparkle bright when it comes to its massages and spa services! Voted as the best massage center in Varanasi for 2 consecutive years, Diamond Door Spa focuses on Balinese massage techniques of skin rolling, kneading and long strokes focussing on pressure points. The highly skilled therapists also incorporate hot stone and aromatherapy to ensure muscle relaxation. The place spells zen, calm and healing.

Diamond Door Spa & Salon- Top Massage Spa In Varanasi,Thai Massage Near Me, Luxury Spa In Varanasi
Address 1st Floor, Shop No.D/143, ABC Tower, near Sajan Cinema, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India
Contact No. 99194 63463
Rating 4.9
Cost ₹400 – ₹1200
Amenities Ayurvedic massage, Shiatsu massage, Reflexology, Foot massage

5. Golden Door Spa & Saloon

The name says it all! Golden Door Spa & Saloon brings age-old holistic Ayurvedic treatments to help cleanse, detox and heal mind-body balance. Trained Ayurvedic doctors and therapists perform specialized massages and Panchakarma detox sessions that include medicated oil treatments, Swedana (sweating) and controlled diet regimen. The treatments range from Abhyangam to Shirodhara focusing both on physical and spiritual health.

Name Golden Door Spa & Saloon
3rd Floor, Om Complex, Vidyapeeth Rd, above Honda Bigwing Showroom, Annapurna Nagar Colony, Vidya Vihar Colony, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221010, India
Contact No. 99190 01324
Rating 4.9
Cost ₹350 – ₹1000
Amenities Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Hot stone massage

6. Ayurveda marma massage

Ayurveda Marma Massage Centre has carved a niche for itself courtesy their traditional Indian massage techniques using medicinal oils. The highly experienced therapists focus on the vital energy points or MARMAS in one’s body through acupressure, muscle manipulation and oil application. This activates the internal energy system bringing relief from chronic pains, stiffness and sports injuries too.

Name Ayurveda marma massage
B1/146 Pushkar talab, Assi Rd, near Terracotta cafe, Dumraon Colony, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India
Contact No. 96969 07030
Rating 4.9
Cost ₹400 – ₹1000
Amenities Ayurvedic massage, Marma therapy, Foot massage

7. Namo Spa

Namo Spa located inside BrijRama Palace hotel has been the recent talk of the town for its wholesome organic spa treatments and relaxing ambience replete with lotus ponds and mango orchards. Using only natural and chemical-free products, Namo Spa specializes in mineral mud wraps, herbal scrubs, oil head massages and healing facials that nourish one’s body, mind and skin. Guests specially recommend their Abhyangam four hand massage for its intensely calming effect.

Name Namo Spa
Address 17 B/7, Shivpur Road, Near – Shiv Shakti Dhaba, Shivpur Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221003, India
Contact No. 99190 01324
Rating 4.8
Cost ₹250 – ₹800
Amenities Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Head massage

8. The Rejuvenation Spa

Looking for something exotic and indulgent? Visit The Rejuvenation Spa tucked away inside Radisson Hotel Varanasi. Each spa experience here is customized by skilled therapists as per individual needs. The treatments involve a gamut of exotic rituals like volcanic hot stone massages to melt away muscular knots or the signature ‘shantham’ package of herbal scrubs and Moroccan rose baths for skin rejuvenation. Pamper your senses and feel relaxed in their cozy suites.

Name The Rejuvenation Spa
Address 37/18A, Luxa Rd, Durga Kund Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005, India
Contact No. 99367 21217
Rating 4.7
Cost ₹300 – ₹900
Amenities Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage

9. Divine Touch Spa

Divine Touch Spa stays true to its name by providing holistic healing therapies that touch one’s mind, body and soul. The spiritual ambience supplemented by soft chants, aromas and candlelight transport you to a world of positivity. Highly trained therapists use light to medium pressure for specialized services like chakra balancing, crystal healing and prenatal massages. Shirodhara and Thai yoga stretching are quite popular too for an ultimate de-stressing experience.

Name Divine Touch Spa
Address 10-B/17, Shivpur Road, Shivpur Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221003, India
Contact No. 99190 01324
Rating 4.6
Cost ₹200 – ₹700
Amenities Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy

10. La’soul Spa

La’ Soul Spa located inside the La Place Sarovar Portico hotel brings world-class spa facilities and modern treatments for guests. Their special infrared sauna, cryotherapy, salt inhalation therapies along with head-to-toe massage rituals promise a wholesome wellness experience. Guests can also benefit from their relaxing massage centre Varanasi packages like ‘spa discovery’, ‘detox’ and ‘recharge & relax’ designed for weekday or weekend pampering.

Name La’soul Spa
Address 10-C/17, Shivpur Road, Shivpur Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221003, India
Contact No. 99190 01324
Rating 4.5
Cost ₹350 – ₹950
Amenities Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Herbal massage


So go ahead and indulge in some self-love, care and renewal by booking an appointment at any of these 10 wonderful massage centres in Varanasi. Let their healing touch wash away all the toxins, stress and negativity from your overworked system! Choose from traditional Ayurvedic techniques, modern wellness therapies or specialized rituals based on your preferences for that ultimate mind-body rejuvenation.

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FAQs Related To Massage Centres in Varanasi

What types of massages are popular in Varanasi?
Some of the most popular massages in Varanasi are traditional Ayurvedic massages like Abhyanga and Shirodhara, along with Swedish, Thai, and aromatherapy massages. Deep tissue and hot stone massages are also quite popular.

Do centres offer couple’s massages?
Yes, most reputed centers offer couple’s massages so you can come with your partner and enjoy relaxing massages side-by-side.

Are there any unisex massage centers available?
There are a few high-end unisex massage centers in Varanasi though most have separate sections for men and women.

What languages do the therapists speak?
Therapists are usually well-versed in Hindi and English along with some knowing basic Bengali, Tamil or Telugu based on their native state.

Are there packages or discounts available?
Many centers offer special massage packages with multiple sessions at discounted rates. You can also avail loyalty rewards or member prices.

Is an appointment necessary? How do I book one?
Advance appointment is highly recommended to avoid any inconvenience. You can book online or call the center.

What should I wear? Do you provide towels or linens?
Most centers provide disposable underwear and towels. However carrying your own soft cotton clothes is suggested for comfort.

Can I bring my own music or essential oils?
Getting your own essential oils is perfectly fine. As for music, some places offer an option while others have standard spa playlists.

What information should I disclose about my health conditions?
Please inform your medical conditions, past injuries, pregnancies etc. so therapists can customize appropriate pressure or techniques.

Is there a cancellation policy?
A 24-hour cancellation policy is followed else charges apply for late cancellations.

What can I expect during a typical massage session?
A session generally includes a foot ritual, consultation, massage and conclusion. It lasts 60-90 minutes based on type of massage.

What will the pressure be like? Can I adjust it?
Pressure is customized light, medium or firm as per request. Feel free to provide feedback during massage.

Is it okay to talk during the massage?
Speaking is perfectly okay though most guests prefer to relax in calming silence during therapy.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable?
Inform immediately if you feel uncomfortable due to room temperature, pressure etc so it can be adjusted.

Can I shower or use the restroom after the massage?
Yes, showers are available to freshen up post massage at most centers.

What should I do after the massage?
Post massage, relax for 5-10 mins for the effects to set in before leaving calmly without any gadget distraction.

Do you offer any post-massage snacks or drinks?
Herbal tea, juices and snacks are available at private waiting areas in some luxury spas.

How soon can I schedule my next massage?
Ideally take a 2-3 days break before your next massage session. Members can pre-book monthly sessions too.

What payment methods do you accept?
Centers accept all digital payments, cards as well as cash. A few may have online booking portals too.

Do you have parking available?
Parking areas are available at most centers though they are not very large. Please intimate upon arrival.

Is the center wheelchair accessible?
Yes, reputed centers have provisions for wheelchair access to therapy rooms.

Are there any special promotions or events happening now?
Festive discounts, loyalty programs and seasonal offers keep running. Please check center websites for details.

Can I leave a gratuity for the therapist?
Tipping your therapist is optional and left to individual discretion. 10-15% is considered a general standard.

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