56 Best NGOs in Varanasi For Women, Children & Others

NGOs in Varanasi

The ancient city of Varanasi, which holds one of the records for being one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, has not only religious and spiritual importance but is also prominent for its diverse and bustling Non-Governmental Organizations’ concentration.

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56 Top NGOs in Varanasi

1. Kautilya Society

They try to conserve the ancient heritage of Varanasi whereas, at the same time, they tackle the issues that are pertinent to society.

  • Address: D-20/21, Behind Darbhanga House, Munshi Ghat, Varanasi – 221001
  • Phone:0542 245 2179

2. Delhi Educational Society

While this NGO is named after the capital, it runs in Varanasi for imaging education facilities for the underprivileged children.

  • Address: N-12/307 A, Lakharav Bazaradiha, Varanasi – 221109
  • Phone no.: 0542 3269650

3. Healthy India Foundation in Varanasi

This NGO focuses mainly on health concerns with Varanasi in its title.

  • Address: Ck 39/10 Kundigartola Dalmandi Road, Varanasi-221001
  • Phone no.: 0542 2401160

4. Human Vikas Evam Gramotthan Samiti

They are situated at different villages near Varanasi and they run and organize various programs to enhance the standard of living and empower the people.

  • Address: SA 16/92-D-6 Tadia Chakbihi, Behind Old R.T.O. Office Sarnath, Varanasi – 221007
  • Phone no.: 0542 2590399

5. Incredible Indian Society Varanasi

This Varanasi based NGO works for the propagation of Indian culture and tradition through music, dance and other programs to preserve the dying and amalgamated art of Indian culture in society.

  • Address: Ashapur, Sarnath, Dist-Varanasi – 221007
  • Phone no.: 919415624258, 919415624258

6. Positive Living Society

Fundamentally concerned with people’s psychological state, the Positive Living Society provides counseling and education on health-enhancing initiatives in Varanasi City.

  • Address: B 32/20, K, Naria, BHU road, Lanka, Varanasi – 221005
  • Phone no.: 0542 6457732

7. Sachetak Varanasi

They carry out meat banishment activities, disposal of city wastes, tree planting activities, and creating awareness on the need to conserve natural resources in Varanasi.

  • Address: CK. 38 Chhoti Piyari, Varanasi – 221001
  • Phone no.: 0542 240136

8. Sharp Laboratories Gramodyog Sanstha

This NGO also focuses on imparting skills and vocational training to the rural youths of Varanasi and makes them capable of initiating their own businesses and lead a healthy financial life.

  • Address: Maheshpur office-Industrial Estate, Dist-Varanasi-221106
  • Phone no.: N/A

9. Sitc Computer Education Society

In the era of globalisation, this NGO serves the purpose of offering computer education to the students from the weaker sections in Varanasi, thus, performs the function of closing the digital literacy gap.

  • Address: Aswari,Rajatalab, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 9125720646, 9919818111

10. Smile Welfare Society

  • Address: C-7/43, Prakash Bhawan, Senpura, Varanasi-221001
  • Phone no.: 0542 2414158

11. Swaraj Gramodyog Sansthan

This organisation trains local people in villages near Varanasi for setting up new businesses and developing suitable means of earning a living.

  • Address: B 38/210 A2, Taradham Colony, Tulsipur, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 0542 2362112

12. Vision Foundation

  • Address: Flat No 604, Kamdhenu Apartment, Bhu Road, Lanka, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 0542 2369224

13. Zarnigar Social Welfare Society

This NGO is dedicated in providing education and skill development for women but especialy for gender equality in the society of Varanasi.

  • Address: B. 16/ 130, Malti Bagh, Varanasi – 221010
  • Phone no.: 0542 2455160

14. Voluntary Society For Training Of Stimulation

One non-governmental organization is targeting the development of children during their early years; it conducts training among the parents and other carers in Varanasi on how to adequately develop the child.

  • Address: C-29/28, Raghubir Maldahiya, Varanasi -221002
  • Phone no.: N/A

15. Society For Welfare Training And Research

This organization is involved in the research of social concerns with a focus on Varanasi based NGOs and capacity building amongst those working in the social sector.

  • Address: B-49, Professors Colony, M.G.Kashi Vidyapeeth Campus, Varanasi-221002
  • Phone no.: 0542 2220329

16. Prerna Jan Sewa Vikas Samiti Kashi

  • Address: House no- B-28/50 Tulsi manas mandir, Ghsiyaritola, Durgakund, Varanasi-221005
  • Phone no.: 0542 2313393

17. Sirjana Sansthan

Sirjana Sansthan conducts workshops and programmes in order to preserve and spread the glorious cultural background of Varanasi.

  • Address: SA13/46 M-3 Khajuhi, Sarnath, Varanasi -221007
  • Phone no.: 05422595760

18. Dharma Devi Sewa Samiti

This NGO mainly work on care giving and supporting the abandoned elderly people of Varanasi who do not have any family support.

  • Address: Chhota lalpur, Pandeypur, Varanasi – 221002
  • Phone no.: 0542 2508707

19. Indian Heritage Care Society

Its objectives are to restore some of the old buildings/structures across the city and arrange programmes that create awareness about Varanasi’s actual value.

  • Address: Basant, Kapildhara, Kontwa, Saraimohana, Sarnath, Varanasi – 221007
  • Phone no.: 9415390219

20. Thakur Bari Mahila Vikas Kalyan Samiti

Centered on women’s rights and empowering women this organization administers numerous projects related to skill building, education, health of women in Varanasi.

  • Address: Gauri Shankar Mandir, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 05453 247274

21. Balaji Seva Samiti

This Non Government Organisation focuses on offering education and vocational training to differently-abled peoples within Varanasi with an aim of offering rehabilitation.

  • Address: MM-2, Phase-2, Premchandra Colony, Pandeypur, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 0542 2441864

22. Rural Organization For Social Advancement Rosa

ROSA conducts and strives for rural development in the counties around Varanasi and provides education programs, healthcare, and agricultural solutions.

  • Address: Kakarmatta, Near Adersh bal Vidyalya, Dlw, Varanasi -221004
  • Phone no.: 0542 2271476

23. Shanti Niketan Jan Seva Samiti

The aim of this organization is to maintain and enhance the understanding between different religion and faiths with an added task of undertaking development projects in the city of Varanasi.

  • Address: Chandipatti, Office-Harhaua, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 09935617686, 09455798640

24. Samvedana Jan Seva Sansthan

Living conditions for marginalized communities of Varanasi are changed with an attempt at educating these citizens along with providing healthcare and vocational training.

  • Address: SA- 2/398- E-2 Pandeypur, Varanasi-221002
  • Phone no.: 0542 2505098

25. Global Welfare Association

This NGO is general in its approach of handling issues including education, health as well as environmental conservation literally in Varanasi and extending to other areas.

  • Address: Kitta, P.O-Barain Sarnath, Chiraigoan, Varanasi-221007
  • Phone no.: 9839983021

26. Rashtriya Vikas Evam Kalyan Samiti

  • Address: C-19/40A, Fatman Road, Varanasi-221002
  • Phone no.: 0542 2221909

27. Vishal Bharat Shansthan

The main aims of this NGO are to enhance the integration of the nation and richness of the culture of the youngsters in Varanasi through different activities.

  • Address: E-11/50, Shastri Nagar, Sigra, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 9236833358

28. Lokbandhu Sewa Sansthan

Lokbandhu focuses on working for the betterment of needy people of Varanasi in the context of education, health care, and vocational trainings for self employment.

  • Address: B 36/40 Kabir Nagar, Durgakund, Varanasi 221005
  • Phone no.: 0542 2312922

29. The Vivekananda Mission

This specific non-governmental organisation is built on principles introduced by Swami Vivekananda and aims at helping the youths of Varanasi through educational and cultural enhancement activities.

  • Address: CK 23/27 Chowk, Varanasi-221001
  • Phone no.: 05414 210815

30. Vishwanath Welfare Society

This one is also an organization belonging to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and it is involved in social welfare in Varanasi through helping pilgrims and other inclined communities of people.

  • Address: Balaji Colony, Varanasi – 221005
  • Phone no.: 0542 2332666

31. Samar Saikshnik Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti

This is an NGO that works in educational sector and is also involved in social welfare activities in Varanasi where it has schools and community welfare programs.

  • Address: E -62, Ekta Nagar Colony, Adampura, Varanasi-221001,
  • Phone no.: 0542 2332666

32. Manav Utthan Seva Samiti

This organization is committed towards the betterment of mankind in all the possible ways starting form education, health care, and vocational training in Varanasi.

  • Address: Hariom Nagar, Near Bijuriya Vir Ashram, Bhagawanpur Samne Ghat, Varanasi – 221005
  • Phone no.: N/A

33. Gramin Mahila Kalyan Samiti

This Northern based NGO is involved in several programs to empower the rural women and to train the women in villages around Varanasi.

  • Address: S2/296-A, Bhojubir, Varanasi-221002
  • Phone no.: N/A

34. Babu Bhulan Singh Smriti Seva Samiti

  • Address: S-52/82, Co-operative Building, Nadesar, Varanasi-221002
  • Phone no.: 0542 2501616

35. Rights Organisation

As a human rights organization, this NGO pursues advocacy and awareness programs for the proper representation of vulnerable groups in Varanasi.

  • Address: 90 – Shivajinagar, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi – 221010
  • Phone no.: N/A

36. Sparsh Society For Rural Development

There are many different sectors in which Sparsh is active, including education, health, and sustainable rural livelihoods around Varanasi.

  • Address: D-64/127-C-H, Arihant Complex, Sigra, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 0542 2227545

37. Help Valley Varanasi

One such charitable organization functioning in Varanasi actively helps underprivileged groups of society through various welfare activities like educational and medical aid.

  • Address: Kamauli, Varanasi – 221007
  • Phone no.: N/A

38. Grace Society

Consequently, Grace Society is an organization that aims at helping underprivileged children in the city of Varanasi to access education and food as well as medical assistance.

  • Address: S-14/84-P, Teliabagh Church compound, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: N/A

39. Maitree Sansthan

This voluntarily motivated non-profit organisation working for friendship and harmony between people of two cultures holds cultural exchange programmes and community development programmes in Varanasi.

  • Address: 42, Siddharth Apt. Shastri Nagar Extn., Sigra, Varanasi-221010
  • Phone no.: 0542 2226486

40. J R S Educational Society

It is an NGO aimed at providing better education in Varanasi by running schools and supplying educational needs of educationally deprived children.

  • Address: B 38/46-40. Mohini Kunj Colony, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi-221010
  • Phone no.: 0542 6540364

41. Kashi Yoga Evam Mulya Shiksha Sanstha

Being a healthcare organization that aims at helping the inhabitants of Varanasi attaining holistic wellbeing, this organization supports yoga and value education by offering programs and workshops.

  • Address: 27, Deendayal Nagar Colony, Nawabganj, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: N/A

42. Smt Mulharadevi Memorial Sri Nathji Foundation

This foundation functions for the protection of Varanasi’s spiritual culture but also for the execution of several social causes within the city.

  • Address: K- 37/109 Gwal Das Shah Lane, Golghar, Varanasi – 221001
  • Phone no.: 0542 6452642

43. Pahal Vikas Samiti

Pahal aims at community contribution in the Varanasi city for executing educational, health and livelihood projects.

  • Address: D-59/373 A-1A-KH, Jai Prakash Nagar, Shivpurawa, Varanasi – 221010
  • Phone no.: 0542-2224433

44. Lalta Shikshan Sansthan

This non-governmental organization aims at offering education to impoverished children in Varanasi by offering educational facilities which include schools and learning institutions.

  • Address: Chithariyapur, Shivpur, Varanasi – 221003
  • Phone no.: 0542 2280724

45. Astha Welfare Society

  • Address: 1-A Block-B Lane-6 Koshalpuri Colony, Susuwahi, Varanasi-221005
  • Phone no.: 08820012295, 08081814387
  • Email: asthasociety@yahoo.co.in

46. Sampoorna Kshetra Vikas Samiti

  • Address: A-3, DIG Colony, Prashantpuri, Varanasi – 221002
  • Phone no.: 0542 2227601

47. Jan Sahyog Foundation

Jan Sahyog offers welfare programs and program advocacy to the underprivileged and vulnerable people in Varanasi, India.

  • Address: Gautam Nagar, Sushwahi, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: N/A

48. Shribrahma Gramodhyog Sansdhan

This NGO can be involved in skill development programs that improve entrepreneurship and livelihoods among people in villages near Varanasi.

  • Address: CK 65/468 Piyarikala, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: N/A

49. Bharatiya Vigyan Evam Paryavaran Sanarakshan Samiti

This organization works on scientific background and does programs and activities in connection to environment conservation in Varanasi.

  • Address: 4/73 Gh-1 Siddharth Nagar, Nai Basti, Pandeypur, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: N/A

50. Heritage Foundation

Yet another organization that aims at conserving Varanasi’s historical and cultural assets this one is engaged in restoration projects and promoting cultural sensitivity through programs it undertakes.

  • Address: Bhadwar, Bypass Road, Varanasi-221001
  • Phone no.: 0542 6543887

51. Bahuudeshiya Gramodyog Vikas Samiti

Bahuudeshiya Gramodyog Vikas Samiti is a rural development organization for the holistic development of rural villages around Varanasi, conducting different programs for agriculture-based sustainable livelihoods.

  • Address: S-4/79A, Keshav Vihar Colony, Pandeypur, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 9415256717

52. Deva International Society for child care

Blending education and social services, one such NGO is an organisation which aims to help needy and destitute children as well as orphans in Varanasi.

  • Address: B-21/100, Bind Bhawan, Kamachha Chungi, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: 0542 2394214

53. Lokhitseva Samiti

Lokhitseva Samiti is involved in public welfare in Varanasi by providing and executing social development projects and projects.

  • Address: Moticote Ganjari Gangapur, Varanasi -221302
  • Phone no.: N/A

54. Prayas Welfare Association For Total Help And Youth Applause

  • Address: SH 8/50 17 B Ayodhya Puri Colony, Shivpur Bypass, Varanasi – 221003
  • Phone no.: 0542 3295606

55. Jan Jagran Society

Apart from functioning as an advocacy group for ensuring the rights of the marginalized, it endeavors to create public awareness on social issues within Varanasi as well as focusing on the promotion of social justice through putting into practice community based programmes.

  • Address: Milki Chak -Gangapur, Varanasi
  • Phone no.: N/A

56. Msd Health Associate Society

The health awareness programs of this organization are aimed at the betterment of the health of Varanasi inhabitants with the emphasis on medical assistance.

    • Address: 43, Madhav Market, Lanka, Varanasi
    • Phone no.: 0542 2369814


These Top NGOs in Varanasi show there is still a lot of life in the city’s civil society and its dedication to social welfare.


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