Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe | A Novel Movie-Dining Experience in Varanasi

Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe, Varanasi

Varanasi has seen the emergence of several multiplex cinemas over the past decade. But there are still old, legendary single screen theatres with thriving patronage. One such iconic destination is Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe located in the Rathyatra locality. Let’s explore what makes this vintage theatre still among the most popular hangout places in Varanasi.

Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe – Legacy of an Era Gone By

Established in 1958, Chhotu Maharaj Cinema is one of the last remaining operational single screen theatres in Varanasi. The cafe was later built within the premises to allow for an all-in-one movie watching and dining experience. With moderate ticket prices and availability of delicious food – locals flock to relish superhit films here every day!

Some key features that make Chhotu Maharaj Cinema so distinct are:

1. Vintage Structure

The cinema retains its old world retro charm seen in the structural design. From age-old projector machines to the auditorium layout – everything echoes the legacy of single screen cinema eras.

2. Dine-In Facilities

The attached Cine Cafe allows audiences to enjoy piping hot meals and snacks inside the hall itself. Some all-time favorites include samosas, kachoris, jalebis, gulab jamuns and thandai beverage.

3. Screening Regional Cinema

Along with Bollywood potboilers, the theatre is also known for scheduling popular Bhojpuri and other regional language films catering to local tastes.

Contact Details of Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe

  • Head Office: Unit 101 & 102, 1st Floor, Plot B-17, Morya Landmark 2, Andheri West,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
  • B2B Experience Center: Kopargaon,Tansa bandar, Near Western point hotel, NH-48, Virar East, Mumbai – 401303.
  • Contact Now: 8433944656

Delectable Menu Options at Cine Cafe

The in-house Cine Cafe has an expansive menu spanning North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Continental preparations along with a great dessert range. Some signatures picks across cuisines are:

  • North Indian:Chole Bhature, Paneer/Mushroom Butter Masala, Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Lachha Parathas etc.
  • Chinese: Chilli Chicken, Manchurian Balls, Fried Rice and Schezwan Noodles.
  • South Indian: Masala Dosa, Idli-Sambar, Mix Veg Uttapam, Filter Kaapi.
  • Italian:Penne Arrabiata Pasta, Margherita Pizza, Spaghetti Meat Balls in Red Sauce etc.

The dessert menu has hot Jalebis, Gulab Jamun, and gastronomic delights like Rasmalai, Gajar Halwa. All these can be relished right during the movie!

Chhotu Maharaj Theatre – Movie Screening Highlights

  • Prime Location: Conveniently accessible within the cityscapes in the Rathyatra region.
  • Budget Pricing: Ticket rates priced nominally at ₹150 onwards. Regional cinema shows have additional offers.
  • Food Allowed: Outside food not allowed but in-house dishes can be enjoyed inside hall.

Show Timings:

  • Matinee (First) Show is usually at 12 PM.
  • Evening show is at 6 PM.
  • Night show begins at 9 PM.

Some key movies currently being screened include:

Pathaan, Shehzada, and regional action-drama Bhojpuri big releases among others.

Why Visit Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?

Unlike swanky new multiplexes, iconic places like Chhotu Maharaj cinema represents the true heartbeat of entertainment for Varanasi locals for decades now. Along with its old world charm, the in-house cafe allows for enjoying great films and food together.

Affordable ticket pricing also makes this a highly economically accessible hangout option for students, families and young crowds. During key festivals like Dussehra/Diwali – the theatre even has dandiya nights and celebrations in its compound area.

For an offbeat, nostalgia-filled movie experience reminiscent of the past but with modern amenities – Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe offers the perfect destination right within the ancient city.

FAQs Related To Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe, Varanasi

What is Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe, Varanasi?
Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe is a unique establishment in Varanasi that combines the experience of a cafe with the entertainment of a cinema. It offers a blend of culinary delights and a cozy cinema atmosphere.

What makes Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe unique?
Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe is known for its distinctive concept that brings together the joy of movie-watching and the comfort of a cafe setting. It provides a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons.

What types of cuisines are served at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?
Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe offers a diverse menu with a range of cuisines, catering to different tastes. From local specialties to international flavors, there’s something for everyone.

How does the cinema experience work at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?
The cinema experience at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe involves comfortable seating, quality audio-visual systems, and a curated selection of movies. Patrons can enjoy a film while savoring delicious food.

Can I just watch a movie without ordering food?
Yes, patrons have the option to enjoy the cinema experience alone or with friends without ordering food. However, the culinary offerings at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe are designed to enhance the overall experience.

Are there any special events or movie nights at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?
Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe frequently hosts special events, themed movie nights, or screenings of classic films. Check the event calendar for the latest updates on upcoming activities.

How can I make a reservation at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?
Reservations can be made through the official website, phone, or in person. Ensure to book in advance, especially during peak hours or special events.

Is Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe family-friendly?
Yes, Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe is designed to be family-friendly, providing an enjoyable experience for individuals of all ages.

What are the operating hours of Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?
Check the official website or contact the cafe directly for information on operating hours, as they may vary based on the day of the week or special events.

Can I host private events or parties at Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe?
Yes, Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe offers options for hosting private events or parties. Contact the management for details on reservations and available packages.

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