Gularia Ghat, Varanasi – Everything You Need to Know BEFORE You Visit

Gularia Ghat in Varanasi


Varanasi stands as a city enshrined with ghats, each one resonating with unique tales. Amongst them, Gularia Ghat is a distinguished abode in Varanasi, renowned for its cultural richness and historical significance. If you intend to explore Varanasi, Gularia Ghat must find a place on your itinerary. In this article, we delve deeper into the antiquity and eminence of Gularia Ghat, and also recommend some essential activities to undertake during your visit.

History of Gularia Ghat

The nomenclature of Gularia Ghat can be attributed to the affluent Gularia clan, who held a prominent position in the trading community during the 19th century. The construction of the ghat was undertaken by the Gularia family with the objective of streamlining the movement of commodities between the city and other regions of the nation. Additionally, the ghat served as a site for ritualistic bathing, with the local populace subscribing to the belief that a dip in the purifying waters of the Ganges at Gularia Ghat would absolve them of their transgressions.

Why Gularia Ghat is Famous

Renowned for its deep-rooted connection to Nepalese culture, Gularia Ghat is a site of great significance. Commissioned by the Gularia family, who hailed from Nepalese origins, this architectural marvel exudes a distinctly Nepalese style, replete with intricate carvings and sculptures that are nothing short of breathtaking. Notably, Gularia Ghat’s historical and cultural importance is further amplified by its association with the legendary poet and saint, Ravidas. It is believed that Ravidas visited the ghat during his lifetime, thereby lending it a revered and sacred status among

Things to Do at Gularia Ghat

Attend the Ganga Aarti – The Ganga Aarti, a customary practice observed each day at Gularia Ghat, is a spellbinding experience not to be missed by those traveling to Varanasi. Its enchanting ambiance and powerful spiritual significance make it a must-attend event, imbued with a deep sense of reverence and respect for the holy river.

Take a Boat Ride – One of the most optimal manners to indulge oneself in the splendor of Gularia Ghat and its environs is by embarking on a boat excursion along the legendary Ganges.

Explore Nepali Temple – Situated in the vicinity of Gularia Ghat, the Nepali Temple stands as a revered landmark that enthralls visitors with its charm. This holy shrine is dedicated to the deity Lord Shiva and is renowned for its exceptional architectural design, which has earned it great acclaim.

Visit Ravidas Temple – The Ravidas Temple, located adjacent to Gularia Ghat, stands as a prominent point of interest. It is a holy place of worship devoted to the venerated Saint Ravidas, and serves as a revered pilgrimage destination for his followers.

Take a Walk – Gularia Ghat presents an ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and architecture, while indulging in a leisurely stroll. Moreover, the breathtaking vistas of the Ganges and the adjoining regions only add to the allure of this charming locale.

How To Reach Gularia Ghat

Gularia Ghat, situated along the serene banks of the River Ganges in Varanasi, boasts of seamless connectivity via road, rail, and air. Accessing this esteemed ghat is a breeze, thanks to its convenient location and well-connected transport network.

By Air: The Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, situated at a distance of approximately 26 kilometers from the ghat, stands as the closest airfield to Varanasi.

By Rail: Varanasi Junction serves as the closest railway station to Gularia Ghat, situated approximately 3 km from the ghat’s vicinity.

By Road: Varanasi is renowned for its impeccable road connectivity to various prominent cities across India. The transportation options available for commuting to Gularia Ghat are diverse and easily accessible, including taxis, buses, and private car hires, ensuring convenient and hassle-free travel.

Major Attractions In And Around Gularia Ghat

Nepali Temple – The Nepali Temple, situated in close proximity to Gularia Ghat, is a highly sought-after tourist destination. This holy site is dedicated to the venerated deity, Lord Shiva, and is renowned for its exceptional architectural design that embodies the distinctive Nepalese style.

Ravidas Temple – The revered site of the Ravidas Temple, situated in close proximity to Gularia Ghat, is a prominent tourist destination. This holy place is consecrated to the venerated Saint Ravidas, serving as a sacred ground for his devoted disciples.

Kedar Ghat – Kedar Ghat, situated in proximity, stands as one of the ancient and prominent ghats in Varanasi. As per the popular belief, it was Lord Shiva who laid the foundation of this ghat.

Manikarnika Ghat – The Manikarnika Ghat, located in close proximity, holds significant reverence in Hindu mythology. It is widely believed that the ghat was created by the esteemed deity, Lord Vishnu himself.

Sankat Mochan Temple – The renowned Sankat Mochan Temple, situated in the vicinity of Gularia Ghat, reveres Lord Hanuman and is distinguished as one of the top visited temples in Varanasi. The temple’s tranquil ambiance is a noteworthy characteristic, which allures an array of devotees seeking solace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Nearest Ghats to explore

Dashashwamedh Ghat – The proximate Dashashwamedh Ghat represents a prominent destination among the ghats of Varanasi. Renowned for its Ganga Aarti, a revered evening ritual, this ghat stands out as one of the most frequented spots in the region.

Assi Ghat – Assi Ghat, situated in close proximity to Gularia Ghat, has emerged as a sought-after spot among tourists. The ghat boasts a tranquil environment and offers a picturesque backdrop for indulging in a boat ride, making it an ideal spot for leisurely pursuits.

Man Mandir Ghat – Located in close proximity, Man Mandir Ghat is a revered waterfront landmark, renowned for its awe-inspiring architectural design. This ghat was the brainchild of Raja Man Singh of Amber, and is widely regarded as one of the most magnificent ghats in the city of Varanasi.

Nearby Places to visit Near Gularia Ghat

Sarnath – Sarnath, situated in proximity to Varanasi, is a frequented locale for tourists seeking a spiritual and cultural experience. The city boasts of its rich Buddhist heritage, as evidenced by the presence of numerous significant Buddhist sites.

Ramnagar Fort – Situated alongside the illustrious River Ganges lies the magnificent Ramnagar Fort, a highly acclaimed attraction among tourists. This grand fortress, revered for its impeccable architecture, was erected by the erstwhile Maharaja of Varanasi.

Chunar Fort – Situated in close proximity to Varanasi, the illustrious Chunar Fort serves as a highly sought-after tourist hotspot. Renowned for its deep-seated connection to Hindu mythology, it is widely speculated that the fort was erected by the legendary Pandavas themselves.


Gularia Ghat presents itself as an indispensable destination for patrons venturing to Varanasi. Esteemed for its extensive history, cultural eminence, and awe-inspiring architecture, the ghat serves as a host to a plethora of activities, including attending the Ganga Aarti, embarking on a boat ride, and acquainting oneself with neighboring ghats and attractions. Discerning visitors can further indulge in exploring the Nepali Temple, Ravidas Temple, and Kedar Ghat. For those with a penchant for exploration, the nearby city of Sarnath, renowned for its association with Buddhism,

Gularia Ghat, a popular tourist spot, offers ease of accessibility to visitors with its well-connected network of road, rail, and air transportation. The Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is the closest air terminal, while Varanasi Junction is the nearest railway station. In addition, private car rental services and taxis are readily available for those seeking convenient and comfortable travel to the ghat.

Undoubtedly, Gularia Ghat stands as an indispensable destination for those who intend to explore the essence of Varanasi. This ghat offers an impeccable opportunity to observe the spiritual and cultural facets of the city while immersing oneself in the allure of the River Ganges.

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