5 Common Myths About Banarasi Sarees

Myths About Banarasi Saree

The accessory that Miss World wears, Banarasi saree, is a fabric combined with silk, heritage, and eternal beauty that is desired by all. However, popularity is not without some draw back, especially as it is believed that the piece continues to enjoy massive patronage till this moment. It is understandable if after seeing a Banarasi saree or typing in ‘myths about Banarasi sarees’ you want facts in black and white. Well, look no further! That was a brief of popular myths regarding Banarasi sarees To explore the reality and the variety Banarasi sarees have to present to the world let me reveal the following facts.

5 Myths About Banarasi Sarees

Common Myths About Banarasi Saree
Common Myths About Banarasi Saree

Myth 1: They’re only made of silk

Of course you know, the REAL Banaras silks are none other than the exquisite Banarasi sarees, but that is just half the picture in nutshell. Traverse its exquisite work done on pure georgette, organza itself and even the charming cotton banarasi sarees. These fabrics are cheaper and comparatively lighter and hence people looking for “myths about Banarasi sarees” can get it easily.

Myth 2: The Zari is always real gold/silver

The most prominent feature of a Banarasi saree is the shaft of gold or silver called the zari work. Still, please do not focus on the idea that it has to be one hundred percent solid gold or silver! A large number of the Banaras sarees incorporate artificial zari to make it look metallic. It also means that the price range remains wider and adapts to as many consumers’ tastes as possible, thus being more appealing.

Myth 3: They’re stiff and uncomfortable:

Stiff and uncomfortable can be one of the most irritating effects of sacrolithiaisis, mainly when the back is affected by the disease.
People have the limited perception that Banaras sarees do not have proper flow, in fact, they hang in a weird manner. The fact is that in the contemporary world and due to development in weaving technologies as well as the utilization of different fabrics, the sarees are further categorized in terms of their appearance in different banarasi drapes. Georgette and organza should be incorporated since it is light and very suitable for all day wear.

Myth 4: They’re solely traditional

Though Banarasi sarees are popularly used in weddings and other formal events, there is nothing that cannot be made formal using it. Did you also consider choosing variants of the fabrics that are lighter in weight and somewhat more glamorous that would be ideal for formal occasions, festive seasons or even to spice up your casual outfit? The catch to this is that the beauty of a Banarasi saree can be artfully incorporated into any woman’s personality, thereby evolving from one that is steeped strictly in tradition.

Myth 5: They’re too expensive for everyone

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