20 Places To Visit Near BHU ( Banaras Hindu University)

best Places To Visit Near BHU

Though the core university structures and facilities deserve admiration, there is a lot one can do and see in the immediate vicinity.

Places To Visit Near BHU ( Banaras Hindu University)

1. Temples: A Spiritual Journey

Temples in Varanasi

Varanasi, also known as Kashi, is often called the spiritual capital of India. The area around BHU is home to several important temples that showcase the city’s rich religious heritage.

a) Vishwanath Temple (on BHU campus)

This temple which was constructed in the 1930 has become popular as New Vishwanath Temple to avoid confusion with the original Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

b) Durga Temple

This temple, built in the 18th century is devoted to Goddess Durga and captures the influence of North and South Indian architechture.

c) Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple

The temple was started by the poet –saint Tulsidas, the author of Ramcharitmanas and has a sacred importance to the devotees of Hanuman.

d) New Vishwanath Temple (Birla Temple)

Another temple in modern landscape of Varanasi is the New Vishwanath Temple which is also referred as Birla Temple has been constructed by industrialist Birla family.

2. Ghats: Where Life Meets the Ganges

walk on Ghats during Morning Hours
walk on Ghats during Morning Hours

The ghats of Varanasi are an integral part of the city’s identity. These stepped embankments along the Ganges River serve as gathering places for religious ceremonies, daily rituals, and social interactions.

a) Assi Ghat

The morning hours at Assi Ghat are spiritual and photographers love to capture early morning Yoga, boating and Gangā Ārtī.

b) Dashashwamedh Ghat

Regarded as the most important of the ghats in Varanasi, Dashashwamedh Ghat draws crowds in the millions for the evening Ganga Aarti.

c) Manikarnika Ghat

This one is more well-known and is regarded as the most important site where cremation process takes place in Varanasi and being such, Manikarnika Ghat has a deep spiritual meaning.

d) Tulsi Ghat

Renowned for being inextricably connected with arts and literature, it is known as Tulsi Ghat owing to its link with poet Tulsidas.

3. Parks: Green Oases in the Holy City

Shri Nagar Park - Parks in Varanasi
Shri Nagar Park – Parks in Varanasi

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Varanasi, these parks offer a refreshing retreat for nature lovers and those seeking a moment of tranquility.

a) Ravidas Park

b) Lanka Park

It has become even more perfect for sitting and reading a book or engaging in a conversation without the noise of the busy city.

c) Amphitheatre (on BHU campus)

This cultural event specialty location represents various aspects of cultural performances, thus allowing the visitors to be entertained by the lively university culture.

4. Malls and Shopping Areas

JHV Mall - Shopping Malls in Varanasi
JHV Mall – Shopping Malls in Varanasi

For those looking to indulge in some retail therapy or experience modern amenities, Varanasi offers several options near BHU.

a) IP Mall (Sigra)

IP Mall is of the biggest malls of Varanasi situated in Sigra area of the city.

b) PDR Mall

Consisting of fashion; accessories and clothing outlets right up to electronic products stores, food court to gaming area that suits the different ages and sex.

c) Lanka Market

This is a market zone where people can find small stores, and street stands with clothes, accessories, home decorations, food and even gadgets.

5. Other Attractions

Ramnagar Fort - Offbeat Places to Visit in Varanasi
Ramnagar Fort – Offbeat Places to Visit in Varanasi

Beyond temples, ghats, and modern amenities, the area around BHU offers several other attractions that showcase the city’s historical and cultural significance.

a) Ramnagar Fort

On the other side of the Ganges River from the main city, Ramnagar Fort is a 17th-century chateau transformed into the dwelling of the Kashi Naresh of Varanasi.

b) Sarnath

The archaeological site covers such attractions as Dhamek Stupa and the remnants of monasteries.

c) Bharat Kala Bhavan (museum on BHU campus)

It stands out with an archaeological section that displays items from as early as the Indus Valley civilization.

d) Jantar Mantar

Originated at the end of the 18th century, the positioning of Varanasi’s Jantar Mantar astonished the future generation as it displayed the abilities of medieval India in sciences.

e) Banaras Locomotive Works


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